The Last Straw

We cordially invite the general public, particularly the owners and managers of restaurants and resorts in San Antonio as well as the town administrators, to come together as one in this campaign to eliminate the use of plastic straws.

The recent closure of Boracay has sent off an alarm that we can no longer ignore the effects of tourism on the delicate balance of our eco-systems. In San Antonio, fast-becoming a tourist hot spot for its beaches, we are beginning to experience the challenges of sustainable tourism: horrendous traffic, increasing volumes of garbage without effective management of its disposal, swarms of flies that have infested at least 3 towns, as well as the continued illegal practice of dynamite fishing.

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, we are mounting “The Last Straw”, a gathering of like-minded individuals from within our community who share a concern for the protection of our beloved and beautiful Zambales. It is a belated observation of EARTH DAY 2018, a moment taken to celebrate Mother Nature through our creative children, to whom the future belongs, and discuss the simple ways we can help protect our precious marine ecosystems.

The planned activities for the day are:

1pm Registration and welcome cocktails

2pm Exhibit Opening of a children’s exhibit by children from CASA SAN MIGUEL

3pm Presentation of campaign to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our landfills, streams, oceans and beaches

4pm Special concert featuring the children of CASA SAN MIGUEL

5pm Fellowship merienda sena potluck

Let’s act responsibly as individuals and influence our friends, families, neighbours and communities to do the same.

Let’s celebrate. Let’s talk. Let’s make a difference.



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