THE CHESS GURU by M.B. Segismundo, Jr.

Olongapo City Chess Team to CLRAA 2012 held at Ramon Magsaysay Technological University, Iba Zambales. Headed by Mr. Ricky Pascua – Event Coordinator

Learn From Your Mistakes!In the present chess world, there are many chess books out in the market that offer excellent ideas on how to play strong moves. However, I believe these books have limitations due to test of time and even if you have thousands of books you cannot deny the fact that “Blunder or Mistakes” in chess may be committed during the game.

Now in this article, we shall explore “why a chess player commit mistakes?” There are three (3) things that I want to discuss. (1) Poor opening Preparation (2) Miscalculation and (3) Making a Plan.These three (3) are the most common mistakes in chess game often seen on a amateur chess game.

When I was reading my book “Kasparov Chess Opening Repertoire,”  the world champion said that his opening preparation is up to twenty (20) moves or more due to the inclusion of his middle game preparation or positioning of pieces to a fixed plan.Those players who do not give importance to the Opening Preparation can be compared to a runner without shoes.

When I was in CLRAA 2012 held at Iba Zambales, I witnessed how a player from another province smashed an Olongapo City  chess bet on the opening stage, I will not mention his name to protect his integrity. On that day he lost a match,  he went to the staircase of the HRM Building of Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU) sat down, shaking his head in diasappointment of his game.

Well as for our chess players who lost the tournament I believed they’ve learned a lot from their opening mistakes. Miscalculation and Making a Plan. These two common mistakes are interconnected to each other. When you are making a plan you must have a precise calculation in order to achieve your target goal.

When I joined the Sharja International Chess Open last October 2009 held at Holiday Inn Hotel, United Arab Emirates,  I had a game with GM Sergie Kayumov. I had a winning position plus I also have quality up (my Bishop was exchanged with his rook). Unfortunately I lost due to time trouble because I cannot formulate any plan when I got a clear advantage. There is a saying in the chess world that says “It is better to have a poor plan than no plan at all”.

g4 Chess Club Summer Chess Camp set on April
This coming April 2012, the G4 Chess Club will launch the 2012 Summer Chess Camp to be held in the G4 Chess Club Tournament Area under the supervision of Chess National Master and NCFP Director Atty. Edmundo Legaspi and through the assistance of Chess Grandmaster Oliver Barbosa. First batch of participants will commence on April 17 to 21, 2012 and Second Batch is on April 24 to 28, 2012. Graduation Day and Awarding of Certificates will commence on April 29, 2012. Interested party may contact:
g4  Chess Club Office &Tournament Area 28-A 14th Street East Tapinac  Olongapo City Tel No.: (047)  222- 8503Mobile No.: +639 19418 2527 / +639 28956 9514 / 09294143127or Email us at cristinejoy_pineda@yahoo.com /gapochessclub@yahoo.com / g4chessclub@gmail.com


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