SBMA 10 Most Outstanding Freeport Workers

A janitor and a former pedicab driver were among those conferred on Wednesday as Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers for exemplary performance and contribution in their respective companies.

The workers were honored in a ceremony held at the Subic Bay Arts Center by the Subic Bay Workforce Development Foundation, Inc. (SBWDFI) which was established by Subic-based business locators to honor and recognize the “best among the bests” of Freeport workers who had shown discipline, dedication and commitment to excellence in their work.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) chairman Roberto Garcia said that the conferment is one of the most significant part of the 23rd year anniversary celebration of the SBMA this month, as the honorees represented the best of Filipino workers in Subic.

“These outstanding workers represent the dedication and heroism of the more than 100,000 skilled and English-speaking workers in Subic Bay Freeport today who are loyal, competent, and credible,” Garcia added.

SBMA Labor Department manager and concurrent SBWDFI president Atty. Severo Pastor Jr. said the ten awardees were selected from hundreds who were nominated and subjected to a battery of interviews, performance appraisal, and screening by the board of judges chaired by DOLE Regional Director Anna Dione.

The awardees included janitorial attendant James Elago from the Subic Bay Workers/Volunteers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Inc. who was cited for committed and excellent service, giving first-rate confidence that the office is clean and in order during his five-year tour of duty; and Jonathan Beduya, a pedicab driver who started as an on-the-job-trainee and then rose to become the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supervisor of PTT Phils. Corp.

Meanwhile, Jomar Ramos, senior production engineer from Nicera Phils., made it to the Top 10 for treating failure as an opportunity to success, thereby contributing to organizational sustainability and improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities.

Meldrid Mendoza, another awardee, started at the lowest level as molder at Koryo Subic, Inc. in 1998. She is now the Line Leader at the Molding Section, which has the biggest number of workers in the company, and was selected twice as model employee and an Employee of the Year in 2014.

Another worker from PTT Phils. was Lenie Manalili, a finance analyst and one of the company’s most outstanding employee for 2014, who had been part of the competence team of PTT, which helped the company save P240,000 in its annual project. She isconsidered a team leader who motivates her fellow workers and assists them on how they can perform their tasks well.

From CRESC Inc. was Geraldine Lustre, a research and development leader who rose to become R&D supervisor for her numerous extraordinary and award-winning contributions to the company, such as safe and cost-reduction cleaning solution (2013), and the introduction of a work process that cut down production cost.

With a positive attitude that influences his co-workers, Joel Galang of FBM Systems and Electronics, Inc. has maintained sustained superior performance in producing high quality work, such as maintaining handling equipment at peak serviceable condition without any operating error, thus making him worthy of the Sustained Performance Award given by the company.

Described as “the face” of her company, Medelyn Clavo, the senior accounting supervisor of Nakayama Precision Industries, Inc., helps maintain excellent service reputation that Nakayama enjoys for the past nine years.

From Sanritsu Technology Subic, Inc., Bobby Arabe, a production junior supervisor, maintained perfect work attendance as he delivered his job requirements satisfactorily with high quality level.

Lastly, Ruth Adoremos, the PD Operator and Senior Tester from Wistron Infocomm Phils. Corp., is responsible for the high standard qualification tests process for new electronic and computer model/products, including assembly and disassembly, and has formulated several training and evaluation materials, which have helped enhance employees’ performance.


The Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers receive their award for exemplary performance and outstanding contribution to their respective companies.

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