PLDT ALPHA Enterprise’s ALPHA Track Day 2014

PLDT ALPHA Enterprise’s ALPHA Track Day 2014, held at the Subic International Airport, stood out from its previous iterations, with a wider pool of technology and automobile partners helping to make the day fun and exciting: PLDT, SMART, ePLDT, Mini Cooper, Jaguar, Maserati, Peugeot, C! Magazine, Shell, Segway, City Kart, and the Asian Formula Autosport Foundation. Guests enjoyed an event prepared by famed race-car driver George Ramirez with six simultaneous racing events giving every ALPHA guest a close-up view of automobile excellence. The events included go-kart racing, car displays and test drives, gymkhana, Segway races, mounted target shooting, slaloms, and a V8 race car driving experience.

The day ended with dinner, live music, and dancing at the Subic Yacht Club, where Mr. Deakin and Mr. Ramirez awarded the winners of the various racing events. Several lucky guests also won a variety of premium raffle prizes.


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