HIGH DIVE SHOW. International diving champions have once again banded together to wow the crowd at Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay Freeport Zone this summer, until June 11, 2012. The high dive show is a display of Olympic Springboard diving, as well as platform diving from various heights. The highlight of the show is the high dive of over 80 feet and the”diver in flames, shown in the photo above. SBN/VVV photo

Ocean Adventure’s CEO Timothy J. Desmond, former Tourism Sec. Mina Gabor and Subic Bay News Managing Editor Louella G. Vizcocho (in stripes) with Da Vinci (toddler) and other high dive fans after the launching of the latest attraction at Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. SBN/VVV photo

OCEAN ADVENTURE, The First And Only Open Water Marine Theme Park In Southeast Asia, WELCOMES SUMMER 2012 with another exciting and breathtaking attraction, THE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS HIGH DIVE SHOW, a partnership with Brown Entertainment.

It opens to the public on March 31 to June 11, 2012, evidence of our ongoing commitment to provide our guests with the very best in family entertainment.

The High Dive Show is a display of Olympic springboard diving, as well as platform diving from various heights.  Just as things go well, a man in the audience distracts the diver and a comedy follows.  The heckler turns out to be a diving coach and asks his students to come out and give their demonstration of what acrobatic diving is all about.  In the end, a diver accepts the challenge of the high dive of over 80 feet.

Year 2011 was a milestone as we celebrated the 10th year Anniversary of Ocean Adventure. Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc., the company behind the marine theme park, has been offering tourists, students and corporate groups entertaining shows and presentations which aim to promote environmental awareness, protection and conservation.

OTHER OCEAN ADVENTURE’S ATTRACTIONSDOLPHIN FRIENDS SHOW Meet our adorable cetacean friends as they jump, spin and flip through the air!  Watch how they display their fantastic performances together with the animal trainers.

SEA LION POINT (SLP) The biggest stadium dedicated for a Sea Lion Show in Southeast Asia with a state of the art technology that uses salt water habitat.  SLP boasts of three (3) new additional attractions that will certainly delight first time and returning guests.

SEA LION THEATER: The Theater now has a lovely pool for sea lion acrobatics and a completely unique infinity pool backdrop.  Guests will be fascinated with a full vistas o the bay while watching the show.  The famous Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show is now even better with more actions.  Our Sea Lion friends will be seen swimming and diving in a see through super clear tempered glass pool.

SEA LION UNDERWATER VIEWING: The very first in the Philippines, guests will be captivated seeing the graceful and playful movement of our Sea Lions as they swim, dive, roll and glide though the water.

RESEARCH STATION SeaTrek:  Our newest aquarium takes you under the sea to observe predators in action.  It features sharks, rays, eels and other large fish plus a mesmerizing jelly fish exhibit.

WALK ON THE WILD SIDEThe animal show featuring wildlife of the forest.  Guests are invited to explore the interconnectedness of life in the forest, both human and animal.  The show begins with a demonstration by the local indigenous Aetas.  Witness their amazing ability to build a fire without matches, and to create a variety of tools from bamboo.  Walk on the Wild Side then transports guests into the forest at night, where we explore the sights and sounds of the deep dark forest and meet a variety of fascinating birds, bats, mammals and reptiles.

Ocean Discovery Aquarium continues to inspire understanding and conservation of the marine life through a tank exhibit that presents fresh water and sea water habitats relevant to the Philippine Eco-system.

Learning Center Facility is Ocean Adventure’s venue for interactive discussion on how we take care of our animal ambassadors and a classroom and library that offers educational materials and information.

To date, Ocean Adventure, located in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone has been a major attraction for both local and foreign tourists showcasing our signature brand of environmental education.



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