NGCP taps teachers on line safety info drive

A Substation of NGCP, the privately-owned corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid. (SubicBayNews photo by Vic V. Vizcocho, Jr.)

Power grid operator NGCP is reaching out to teachers to educate students, parents, and other residents on the benefits of taking care of power transmission lines and ensuring the public’s safety in their communities.

As part of its proactive measures to address right-of-way (ROW) issues and to prevent trippings and accidents, NGCP hosted a facility tour and briefing for forty-thraee (43) teachers led by Ms. Jinnefer D. Espina, School Principal I of Macanhan Elementary School in Bgry. Macanhan, Cagayan de Oro City on October 24, 2014 at NGCP’s Mindanao Operation and Maintenance Regional Office in Iligan City.

At the end of the activity, the teachers committed to share the NGCP’s line safety reminders to the pupils and their parents during the association meetings of parents, guardians, and teachers.

NGCP’s Baloi-Lugait –Tagoloan 138-kiloVolt (KV) line traverses the community of Bgry. Macanhan in Cagayan de Oro City.

“We want to prevent the occurrence of blackouts in the communities served by these transmission lines. The residents’ cooperation is crucial to prevent accidents and outages. On a larger scale, respecting ROW clearances will ensure the reliability of the entire grid,” NGCP President and CEO Henry Sy, Jr. said.

Safety clearance violations are detrimental not just to NGCP’s technical operations, but also to public safety. NGCP continues to warn the public of the risks of breaching right-of-way clearances near and around high-voltage transmission lines and towers. To ensure the safety of residents and to prevent electrocution, accidents, and power interruptions, planting and cutting of trees, building of houses and structures, kite-flying, and other unsafe practices near and around power lines are discouraged.

Line trippings or outages which affect not just NGCP, but also electricity consumers, may be averted with maintenance and correction work. NGCP’s regular maintenance activities and expansion projects aim to enhance the reliability and quality of electricity delivered to grid customers.

NGCP is a privately-owned corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid. It transmits high-voltage electricity through “power superhighways” that include the interconnected system of transmission lines, towers, substations, and related assets. The consortium, which holds the 25-year concession contract to operate the country’s power transmission network, is comprised of Monte Oro Grid Resources Corp., led by Henry Sy, Jr., Calaca High Power Corporation, led by Robert Coyiuto, Jr., and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) as technical partner. NGCP’s concession is for the operation and maintenance of the power transmission facilities. The Philippine government still wholly owns these assets.

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