Newsmen bond, play hard in 1st SBMA Medialympics

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT — Despite gloomy skies and intermittent showers, newsmen covering the Subic B ay Freeport Zone merrily finished various fun competitions in the 2019 SBMA Medialympics, the first media sports festival to be organized by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

SBMA Chairman Amy T. Eisma (3rd right) presents prizes to overall team leader Team New York

The two-day event held at the Moonbay Marina Water Park on September 6 and 7 included six games for team competition, two games for doubles or pairs, and one for individual contestants.

The team sports were “Buslo at Bola”, a modified basketball game; “Try-athlon”, a relay race; “Buhay Reporter”, which mimicked how news and information are processed; the strategy and teamwork games “Code-names”, “United Colors of Nips”, and “Cups and Rubbers.” For these games, the participants grouped themselves into three teams: Team Bukto, Team Kristal, and Team New York.

Meanwhile, the doubles competitions consisted of the “Sequence” strategy game and the 9-Ball Billiards Mixed Doubles, which was the anchor competition.

“Sequence” winners Iya Oliva and Vic Vizcocho Jr. of Subic Bay News (middle) flash the thumbs-up after winning the strategy game. Also in photo are (L-R): Jojo Perez, Eden Dumaguing, Carrie Aspa, Estong Santos, and Daniel Salvaña

The lone game for individual competition was “Tong-its Last Man Standing.”

Dante Salvaña: winner of “Tong-its Last Man Standing”
‘Buslo at Bola’ players scramble for the ball as goalie DJ Jepz awaits the pass

Among those who joined the sports festival were newsmen representing the community publications Subic Bay News, Zambales Herald, Headline Zambales, and Subic Bay Pillars; and local broadcast stations Radio Bandera, Subic Broadcasting Corp., and Subic Bay FM.

Teammates cheer as Alex Galang successfully completes the relay in the “Cups and Rubbers” game

In the mixed nine-ball tourney, which paired one class A player with another from class B, the champions were Alex Galang (Pilipino Star Ngayon) and Kenneth Salvatus (Subic Broadcasting Corp.). Partners Patrick Roxas (Manila Times) and Iya Oliva were first runner-up, while Jonas Reyes (Daily Tribune) and Fred Pacuan (Punto Central Luzon) were second-runner up.

Regional and national media outfits that were represented included Punto Central Luzon, Central Luzon Business Week, iOrbit News Online, Bandera, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Times, Pilipino Star Ngayon, Daily Tribune, Business Mirror, and the newswire service EPA.

Lensman Jun Dumaguing and broadcaster Jarvis Trimor separate the hues in the ‘United Colors of Nips’ fun game

At the end of the sports fest, those who emerged as winners in the team games were: “Buslo at Bola” – Team Bukto, champion; Team Kristal, 2nd placer; and Team New York, 3rd placer; “Try-athlon” – Team New York, 1st; Team Kristal, 2nd; Team New York, 3rd; “Buhay Reporter” – Team New York and Team Kristal; “United Colors of Nips” – Team Kristal; “Code Names” – Team New York; and “Cups and Rubbers” – Team New York.

Meanwhile, Dante Salvaña of i-Orbit won the “Tong-its Last Man Standing” match, while the “Sequence” game was won by Vic Vizcocho and Iya Oliva, both of Subic Bay News.

‘Try-athletes’ Kenneth Salvatus and Kristal Barcoma pause after a rough swim in the Moonbay marina wave pool

As for the overall ranking, Team New York emerged team champion, followed by Team Kristal, and by Team Bukto.

The winners in the nine-ball tournament and overall team received trophies and cash prizes, while victors in the other fun games received cash awards. 

The cash prizes were given by SBMA Chairman and Administrator Wilma T. Eisma, while trophies were donated by Fuel East Corp. Meanwhile, T-shirts worn by the newsmen in the sports fest were sponsored by Subic Enerzone. RP Energy donated some cash for snacks.

Chairman Eisma, who awarded the prizes at the end of the sports fest, lauded the participating mediamen for their support and cooperation in promoting the various programs and projects in the Subic Bay Freeport. 

She assured everyone that the SBMA will continue sponsoring “Medialympics” to build stronger bond between the media and various stakeholders in the Subic Bay Freeport area.

9-Ball Billiards Mixed Doubles winners Alex Galang and Kenneth Salvatus receive trophy and cash award from Chairman Amy
Ning Dimaano (Team New York), DJ Jepz (Team Buktu), and Iya Oliva (Team Kristal) act out the message in “Buhay Reporter” info relay game
Ace player Patrick Roxas prepares a safety shot

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