Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane Jr.

Iba, ZAMBALES – “If the patients aren’t well enough, or are too poor to go to the hospital, then we will bring the hospital and the doctors to them,” thus said Zambales Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane, Jr. in launching the provincial government’s first set of mobile clinics over the weekend.

Ebdane said the project plays an important aspect of his administration, particularly in reaching out to remote areas in the province to deliver health services.

An air conditioned bus complete with x-ray, ultrasound and electrocardiogram (ECG) machines and an air conditioned cargo van that has been refurbished into a dental clinic consist the first two vehicles of the province’s mobile clinics.

Ebdane said the mobile clinics will regularly visit the barangays with government doctors, dentists, nurses and technicians, as well as volunteers from the private sector.

The mobile clinic services will be free for indigents population. The governor, however, encourages those who are financially capable to, instead, avail of the regular health services at government clinics or hospitals, except in emergency situations.

Ebdane explained that since the mobile clinics and equipment were sourced out privately, he same will remain under the care and maintenance of a private group.

“But as long as I’m the governor, these will be used by the provincial government for its health projects,” Ebdane assured.

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