DTI warning on unsafe christmas light

Once again, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), through its Bureau of Product Standards (BPS), alerts all government offices to purchase and use only sets of Christmas lights that bear the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark for proper performance of the product and safer Christmas festivities. A set of Christmas lights is a regulated product under the DTI-BPS’ Product Certification Scheme.

Through the scheme, the DTI-BPS requires the manufacturers and importers or distributors of this product to secure the Philippine Standard (PS) license or the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certificate, respectively, based on the Republic Act 4109 (Standards Law), the Department  Administrative Order No 04:2008 and DAO 05:2008. Do take note however, that  since 2007,  the DTI-BPS has not awarded the PS license to any manufacturer.  Therefore, no sets of Christmas lights with the PS mark shall be found in the market.

As of 15 November 2012, the DTI-BPS has issued the ICC certificate to 20 importers/ distributors with 26 brands (Attachment 1) to use the ICC mark on the packages of their sets of Christmas lights.   The sets of Christmas lights of these importers are certified by the DTI-BPS to be reliable and safe to use.

Moreover, these importers that have been issued the ICC certificate from 2010 to present are those who are authorized to sell their sets of Christmas lights with the ICC mark.  Thus, no sets of imported Christmas lights with 2009 or earlier than this year when the ICC was issued should be found in the market. The sets of Christmas lights without the ICC mark are products that pose danger to its users.

Christmas lights that were not inspected according to PNS 189:2000, may not satisfy the four (4) mandatory requirements for critical parameters, namely, ball pressure, torque, temperature rise, and, wire tests, which may bring electric shock and overheating and could further lead to fire and loss of properties and lives. Prior to purchase of a set, a consumer shall initially check from the retailer the original copy of the ICC certificate on the brand of lights being sold.

The DTI-BPS has issued original copies of the ICC certificate to an importer who has complied with the requirements, and its dealers/ distributors.   These original certificates shall be placed conspicuously in the establishment for the consumers’ guidance.  Then aside from the ICC mark, consumers shall check for other required labels that will properly guide them in purchasing and using the sets of lights (Attachment 2).

Any establishment found to be possessing and selling uncertified and substandard sets of Christmas lights are liable under Executive Order 913 and R. A. 7394 with a maximum fine of P300,000.00 per violation, without prejudice to the filing of criminal or civil actions against violators. For inquiries and complaints, call DTI Direct 751.3330, send a text message to 0917.8343330 or visit the nearest DTI Regional/ Provincial Office in your area.

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