by: Jesus Felix B.Vargas

CIDG: No dull moments for well-rounded investigator

OFFICERS and men come and go in the PNP’s premier investigative arm, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

At it reaches 59 years come January 19 2012 Police Director Samuel Duldulao

Pagdilao Jr CIDG s present Director braces for a 24/7 preparation for a significant affair come its founding anniversary.

Pagdilao an old hand in the CIDG is one of the many junior officers of the defunct Philippine Constabulary CIS who started young as intelligence and operations officer working on well entrenched criminal syndicates.

The PC-CIS which later transformed to PCIINP CIS also saw the young Pagdilao working under the mentorship of then Lt. Col. Ramon Enriquez Montano dealing hard blows against kidnap for ransom gangs bank armor van robbers guns-for-hire, bank robbers and heavily armed criminal syndicates.

Montano who became Chief PC/INP in the mid-80s but didn’t make it to the Directorship of the CIDG.

The now gaining ground and popularity Community Investigative Support(or modern CIS) is a brainchild of Pagdilao’s investigative acumen.

A lawyer and seasoned investigator himself found it wise to seek community involvement in facilitating the speedy solution of crimes nationwide.

These deputized supporters till this writing, have been very helpful in providing the needed information in unsolved crimes and Iong1-wanted criminals who have long been hiding in defiance of the law.

CID responsible agent-handlers find it easier for them to ran after these hardened criminals hence bringing to court for recognizance their arrest and the eventual solution of archived criminal cases.

When Pagdilao leaves the CIDG which he calls his second home he has undoubtedly left a legacy of genuine public service—every uniformed officer’s dream and aspiration in the service of country and people.

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