COMMENTARY by Jesus B. Felix Vargas

Singapore, my kind of town – – – but…

Six (6) in the morning of February 14, 2012.

We (my wife Gina and daugther Yna) took off from native Bauan to NAIA Terminal 3 bound for Singapore to spend Valentine’s day and give Yna a respite outside the country.

Arriving at the NAIA3 airport, we waited for boarding time at around 8:30 in the morning but the PA system said Cebu Pacific flight 799 for Singapore will be delayed due to the turn-around flight (for whatever reason, they did’nt say).

We waited and patiently spend some time—only to hear another announcement—our flight sked will be at 2:20 PM. My gosh!

In a matter of 3 hours or so, we landed at the Budget Terminal Airport in Singapore and finally found a nice place to stay, but not without a sickening experience (our intended place to stay was a poorly ventilated, crumpy room at the third floor of Tai Wah Building at Killiney Road).

Off we went to nearby 2-star or so hotels. We tried Fragrance (Pearl) were we first stayed in 2009, but t’was fully booked due to the influx of tourists (Singapore Air Show is about to start its 2-day affair). I hopped to Hotel 81 Princess where I was able to book for our 5-night stay.

Singapore is a good place to see, its fine tropical weather invites mostly European tourists.  There are other nationals too from around the world. We first secured our EZ link tourist tickets to avail of a no-ending, no hazzle bus and MRT rides, t’was cool.

Esplanade has changed a bit and more exciting shops popped out. Vivo City was more vibrant compared and offered a lot of shops of signature apparels and dry goods. An enticing place to roam around was the Universal Studios Singapore.

The attractions will surely make one enjoy — yeah, Asia can  offer what America has started as far as entertainment is concern.

Food abound everywhere, at reasonable price though…to think of it. a Sing dollar is just 10 points away from the US dollar.

But there is one thing I didn’t like at all. Everytime I go out to buy at small restos, some rude store/resto owners who are slit-eyed and “speak no English” citizens really destroy my day. According to our Hindu taxi driver, these people are from the Chinese mainland.

The art of salesmanship is not on their menu, they care less whether they make a sale or not. It was as if, they’re a level higher than anyone else. B__s___t !!!

Some even yell at you when you don’t seem to understand what they’re saying. OMG !

Singaporeans are nice people, educated. They just mind their own business. Fine.


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  • April 12, 2012 at 7:50 am

    I am glad I read ur commens re Cebu Pacific and the hotels.. allows me to make a more educated guess as to whom to travel with and where to stay


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