SBNPhoto by Vic V . Vizcocho, Jr.
SBNPhoto by Vic V . Vizcocho, Jr.

A whole day city-wide power outage on Sunday, 18 May in Olongapo filled Harbor Point Mall Subic and SM Olongapo with people of all ages, trying to escape the heat.

The scheduled 11-hour power outage to give way to OEDC’s system upgrade along with NGCP’s maintenance works extended to 13 hours, enraging residents, most of whom vented their ire through the social media.

OEDC issued an apology admitting to having “miscalculated” the time needed to complete the job, enraging people further knowing the job was merely on two poles and an arrester.

Another city-wide day-long brown-out has been scheduled on the 27th on top of unscheduled brown-outs due to cable failures, etc. (VVV)


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