Academic Success in the New Normal

By: Niña Marie M. Mesina

With the current set-up of distance learning under the Learning Continuity Plan of the Department of Education, many find it difficult to measure their academic success. There are some who were bothered with the idea that the learners are not getting an accurate rating form their teachers especially those in the Modular distance learning approach. Some are still adjusting with the demands of distance learning and it impedes their motivation to continue exerting great efforts for their school tasks. But how do we really measure our learner’s success amidst the challenges in the new normal education.

Now that we are all experiencing the effects of the global pandemic, it is a must that educators provide necessary adjustments to how the learners respond to their academic requirements. We need more of compassionate, understanding, and empathetic teachers. Since everyone is new to this situation, we must extend patience to learners who are not able to submit what we require them to. Of course, this should be done with proper counseling and knowing about the struggles of the learner so we can further assist them. It is not only a question of how much educators have taught to the learners, but it is more of a question of to what extent where we willing to help the learner succeed in the academic year despite of all the problems he is facing.

Teachers are not the only ones who are undergoing adjustments in the different educational platforms, but more so our learners who are the ones who take it all in. They have not gone accustomed to studying inside their homes where some can’t even find a conducive place to study in. Not everyone can focus on their studies with all their siblings and family members around, making them do household chores and doing errands for them. That is why it is important for the family to become the primary source of educational support for students under the distance learning.

A learner with proper support from the family and the community will thrive in the new normal set-up. Rest assured that our educators are giving their very best in making sure that quality education is still given to our learners, the burden must not only rest in them but to all the people that surrounds the learner. Today, academic success must not be measured by high grades and academic awards alone. A learner who is able to finish an academic year with a good mental health, brimming family support, and strong emotional health is a learner who have succeeded and is worthy to be commended.

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