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Vintage band are from left to right: Rey Feraan, Jr., Isaac Neripol, Nerizza Bennet, and Jhomz Montero.

A New Band Called Vintage & A Band That Is The Dream Cast

Musicians in Olongapo and the SBFZ form bands like basketball teams. One maybe be seen singing for an acoustic group then, see him playing the drums for another band playing almost the same line up of repertoire.

That is how versatile these local musicians are.

Some are not confined to just one instrument but more so a new participant in the joy of making music.

The Vintage Band may sound new in the local music circuit but its members are not so.

This is a bunch of respected and reliable musicians who can surely deliver the brand that Gapo is known for.

Vintage Band delivers the top caliber music to please and make your night enjoying.

As a collection of first-rate musicians, Vintage band is not new to people who frequent bars and restaurants along Magsaysay Drive and the venues surrounding the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Guitarist Rey Feraan, Jr. has been with bands such as Aloha Reese, and I Scream, so now expect that strutting guitar sound he is known for.

The endearing chanteuse that marks the Vintage live sound is by Nerizza Bennet who was last seen with the I Cream band.

Isaac Neripol keeps the tempo as he beats the drums or kajon as each of the venue they play for demands.

Bassist Jhomz Montero lays the foundation and groove to that Vintage music.

Vintage as a band is not that old one as its name would imply.

Expect a repertoire of popular tunes from the 80’s to the present including favorite OPM hits. Catch them at


Fuze Bar on Tuesdays, Brads Bistro every Thursday, and on Sundays watch them enliven the Pure Note Bar.

Vintage is reduced as a duo on Saturday at San’s Shawarma.

The band of four in Vintage band provides fun and sentimentality that may keep you coming back for more.

Your favorite songs are stripped to it most simple yet soothing form. Singing may sound so easy hearing Vintage band.

Never wonder when they treat the most memorable songs in a manner that will encourage and give you the courage to sing with them on stage.

So come and experience the Vintage band.

A three member acoustic band known as the Dream Cast pleases the Saturday crowd at Woodhouse 105.

This open bar along Hansen Street is filled up to the sidewalk as party people converge for a Saturday night merriment.

Music, drinks, and delectable cuisine are brought together to please and hold intimates in this so called Woodhouse 105.

The music that Dream Cast is known for is offered at the barest form with its crooner Leano “Larry” Quirante on percussions, Richard “Tek” Ong on acoustic guitar, and vocalist Camille “Kim” Edrosolo.

Their attempt to cover as much genre of music never fails to get ones attention for they surely have something of your most cherished songs.

They are one of the few acts that dare to open the microphone to anyone from the audience and live their dreams of capturing the stage even for a moment.

There seems to be no music that Dream Cast cannot deliver.

Weather that be jazz, pop, contemporary, alternative, folk, disco, retro, dance, new wave, or rock, it is not impossible for these guys to render any of these into fresh acoustic covers.

Ripping a hook from Cyndi Lauper’s hit Time After Time, Dream Cast impresses everyone with their original composition entitled Get To Know Me.

What else can anyone ask for from a dream cast?

They are not an all star cast of heavies as others may think so but Dream Cast is a band that some may have dreamed of to be casted together.




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