Chris Sports Epic Relay 250

Epic, by definition, is extending beyond the usual or ordinary, especially in size or scope. The Lighthouse Marina Resort will once again be the start and finish line for The Chris Sports Epic Relay 250: Outrun, Outpace, Outlast, on June 9-10, 2012.

The Epic Relay unites numerous 10-member teams who will course through some of the most beautiful scenery and historical landmarks of North Luzon. Beginning from the iconic Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic Bay to the small communities of Zambales to the terrain of historical Bataan highway (death march) to the breathtaking uphill climb of Mt. Samat and back.

With having a cut off time of 40 hours in day and night to cover 250km in relay style, endurance, teamwork and stamina will be put to the test. During the relay, each team member runs 3 legs, with each leg ranging between 4–12km and varying in difficulty of easy, moderate, difficult and very difficult. Equipped with directional signs and their own vans, which includes their hydration and safety kits, these self-sufficient participants can focus on their path to victory.

As the runners finish this race, good health and overall wellness are fostered. Exposure to the outdoors will be highly appreciated and people building are achieved like no other. With of course, bragging rights for those who legendarily finishes this epic relay.

Late registration? Still want to sign up your team to experience an epic adventure? Send a message to the Chris Sports Marketing Team at 09087432402 for details or visit their website at http://www.facebook.com/epicrelay250.

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