Olongapo City – In line with the Olongapo City government’s objective to protect the intellectual property rights of industrial, scientific, literary or artistic practitioners in the community, the Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Help Desk held its 4th IP information seminar last February 10, 2012.

Keynote speaker Carlo Carag from the IP National Office explained the rationale behind copyright legislation and the significance of protecting intellectual property to students, government employees and business owners who attended the activity.

According to Carag, “intellectual property is usually divided into two branches: industrial property which protects inventions, and copyright, which protects literary and artistic works.”

“Trademarks, service marks, commercial names, designations, industrial designs, scientific discoveries, performances of artists, phonograms, broadcasts, inventions in all fields of endeavors , industrial designs and all other rights resulting from intellectual activities are protected by the law,” said Olongapo City IP officer Richard Estrella.

Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr., the proponent of the city’s IP Help Desk, and an artist himself, said that IP rights awareness will further promote creativity, dissemination and application of inventions and will also encourage fair trade that will contribute to economic and social development.

Mayor Gordon also encourages Olongapeños to register their patents, designs, composition, instruction manuals and the like to prevent unscrupulous copies or reproduction of one’s original creations.

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