Shared Treesponsibility of OCNHS-TLE Faculty

“Teaching as planting a tree requires patience and care; essentially there’s a need to wait for years to see the effects of our nurturing.

As teachers we are aware that we are accountable not only of growing the minds of our students but also in mitigating climate change by growing more trees.

So, we literally keep our feet on the ground and model what we teach, hence, the tree-theme was coined: Shared treesponsibility, to Gurow minds and Gurow trees.” said the proponent Mr. Jovert Miranda-President of OCNHS-TLE Faculty.

Blessed with fair weather and a good number of volunteers, another tree planting activity was conducted early morning of July 27, 2019 at Mt. Sta Rita, which is part of Aetas ancestral domain in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

It was attended by positively motivated and socially committed OCNHS-TLE Teachers headed by Ms. Carolina Barrerra. “The purpose of this yearly activity is to foster environmental stewardship and to inspire faculty and students, stakeholders, parents and community to care for the future of the next generation by participating in small-scale landscape of our forests.” Mam Carol emphasized further.

For two years now, this noble endeavor has been supported by SBMA Ecology who prepared less than a hundred of seedlings of fruit bearing trees. Aeta friends guided the team during the trek and prepared the area for planting with readily well-dug holes.

Converge ICT has also been very supportive partner for this worthwhile effort, considering it a good gesture of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Revisiting the seedlings planted a year ago (July 21, 2018) followed the planting and everybody was inspired deeply by the fruition of the mission…saplings have grown as much as half the height of planters.

Grasses and weeds were removed to give the trees greater chance to survive. This simple act is a powerful message which we hope to ripple especially so that a bill, called the “Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act,” was approved in the House and is now sent to the Philippines Senate for action, Dr. Espiridion Ordonio, OCNHS Principal IV stressed. (Jovert T. Miranda)

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