2014 Small Grants Spring Competition

THE U.S. EMBASSY in Manila is pleased to announce that it is now accepting proposals for the 2014 Small Grants Spring Competition.

This competition provides grants of up to $20,000 to non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations to promote democratic values and cooperation in the East-Asia Pacific region.

The focus of proposals can be either Philippine specific, multi-country or regional. Proposals which support intra-regional (multi-country) projects are encouraged.

The grant selection process will be competitive, and final selections will be announced by mid-April 2014. If selected, your organization will receive grant from the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Office.

• Proposals must support program activities related to one or more of the following themes:

Civil Engagement – Human Rights/Democracy/Good governance/Rule of Law: Strengthening of human rights to support religious freedom, ensuring free and open access to the Internet, fostering and maintaining a vibrant civil society, and emphasizing gender equality.

Education: Promoting study abroad opportunities in the United States and connecting young people with American youth and U.S. institutions.

Culture and Sports: Building relationships and promoting positive messages through cultural exchange, including art, sports, theater, music, dance, and literature.

Economic Issues: Promoting a free system of commerce in the East-Asia Pacific region through trade, investment, and protection of intellectual property rights and supporting a fair trade and investment regime.

Multilateral Engagement: Increasing engagement with Asia-Pacific institutions (including Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), APEC, and Lower Mekong Initiative LMI).

• Proposals must include a description of how the grant will be monitored and evaluated.

• Key target audiences are youth and women/girls.

• Only proposals that demonstrate long-term sustainability beyond the proposed program activity should be considered for these grants. Third-country organizations and individuals are not eligible to receive these grants.

• Priority will be given to proposals from new organizations and new projects. Grants will not normally be approved for multi-year projects, but past recipients will be considered for new one-year projects.

• Proposals for non-partisan election education and related public information activities are eligible for consideration, but grants may not be used for any form of partisan political activity.

• Small grant proposals may include modest administrative expenses, including honoraria/partial salaries of grant implementers, but only when they are directly linked to the conduct of the specific grant program. General operating expenses, long-term infrastructure costs and undefined miscellaneous or “overhead” expenses are not acceptable. High costs to produce materials are also not a good use of the small grants program.

• Grant funds may not be used to fund travel to international conferences, nor may they be used primarily for food and drink expenses.

• Grant funds may be used to train trainers, but they may not be used to provide direct social services.

• Grant funds may be used for seminars and workshops, but proposals must describe the expected audience, content, and timeframe, and justify the activity in terms of outcome and benefits.

• Grant funds may be used for the publication of materials, but proposals must describe the audience, content and means of distribution.


Deadline and Submission

Applications are due to the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy on or before March 15, 2014. Please attach your application and any supporting documents and send by email to: Pacamalanny@state.gov. (USEmbassy)


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