“Full house” in Subic


US Servicemen whoop it up in a makeshift bar during lenten festivities along the Subic Bay Boardwalk.

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT — As temperature soars in this top summer destination, hotels and other lodging facilities here announce a “full house” situation, as hotel rooms get sold like cold “halo-halo” treats in the sweltering heat.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Roberto Garcia said that hotels and other housing facilities here have been fully booked for the summer as early as February.  “Our hotel owners and operators are very happy about the huge volume of tourists coming in to Subic for the Holy Week. This only shows that Subic continues to be a favorite destination for vacationers and devotees during the Lenten Season,” Garcia said.

The high influx of local and foreign tourists in Subic only supports the Department of Tourism (DoT) citation last December that the Subic Freeport is one of the “Top Destinations in the Country” because of its “wide array of quality-standard tourist facilities and level of visitation it generated.”

The Subic Freeport was also DoT’s unequivocal choice as the “Premier Convention Capital of Central Luzon” after a careful and in-depth evaluation of all convention facilities in the region in October 2012.

Garcia said that Subic Bay is now better-equipped to meet bigger tourist arrivals after several business locators built a total of 130 new hotel rooms here in 2012.

A 26 percent increase in other tourism-related establishments, like Ayala Land’s Harbor Point mall and 31 new restaurants in the area, further raised the bar for local tourism, Garcia added.

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